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Abacus Polytechnic College Haripur exists since 1995 to provide high quality education and training delivered in a location, at a time, and in a form which enables our students to achieve their full potential.


Laboratories & Workshops.

Practical work / training play an important role in all fields of studies, particularly in polytechnic and information technology. Keeping in view this importance the college has setup it’s all laboratories / workshops which are equipped with adequate learning equipment / instruments and other training materials full filling all the practical training requirements of students in any subject which needs practical work in the course their studies.Seminar and workshop are arranged in the college regularly on monthly bases providing opportunities to develop the learning capacity of students and Teaching skill for staff. This session enhance the confidence of students, their vision and make them able to speak on different burning issues related to everyday science and modern technology.


“Education Is The Passport To The Future,For Tomorrow Belongs To Those Who Prepare For It Today. ”

The objective of the tutorial group system is to keep the staff and students in touch with one another and to promote mutual good feeling and understanding. Each tutor is to look personally into all the difficulties of students individually and to report to administration APC for opinion and advice if any.The college students are divided into tutorial groups, every group being made up of a proportion of students from each class.The tutor in charge of the group will meet the respective group students as occasion arises.Students have to be present in time at any specified activity of the college.